Consumers & Customers

How can we make sustainability matter to our consumers and customers? And what do we do to assure good quality products?

Assure safe products and services

In order to assure our products are keeping as high quality as possible and to make it possible for our customers and consumers to keep their warranty towards screen producers it is of great importance for us to adapt to the screens and their attributes. When designing a new product we always send our construction drafts to Samsung quality department in South Korea. After the review we receive an approval when all demands on the products are achieved. As a result we can offer our customers secure purchases of our products.  

Educate and motivate consumers and customers

In order for us to make sustainability an important issue for our customers and consumers, it is of great importance for us to educate and motivate our customers to learn more about our processes to further develop our sustainability work. We constantly strive to inform our customers about the work that we do in order for them to make a sustainable choice.

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